EP 1: The Yishun Triple Murder

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At 8 PM on 18th September 2008, a pair of lovers quarreled over having crab for dinner. In less than 4 hours, Wang Zhi Jian's girlfriend, Zhang Meng, her daughter, and their flatmate would be dead.

This was the aftermath of an intense relationship filled with emotions and lies. Zhang Meng had been married when they started their relationship. They wrote proclamations of love in blood and he had tattoos of her across his back and arms. 

But their love also had a dark side - she threatened suicide whenever he tried to break up with her. They fought furiously and when he visited her in Singapore, she allegedly mistreated him: 

  • He spent most of his money on food for her and her daughter while he ate their scraps.
  • He hand-washed their clothes and underwear.
  • He stayed in the bedroom naked because he wasn't allowed to leave the room when her daughter and flatmates were in the flat.
  • Because there wasn't a bathroom in the bedroom, he had to shit and pee into plastic bags and newspapers.

This was until he had enough. ZhiJian stabbed Zhang Meng to death, before killing her daughter, her flatmate and wounding a fourth. In total, he used four different knives.  

The three-room flat at Yishun Avenue 11 was a horrific crime scene - it was splattered with blood both within and on the walls outside. Was this an act of madness or cold calculation?


The Case Details:

  • Date: 18th September 2008
  • Location: 6th Floor Flat, Block 349, Yishun Avenue 11
  • Killer: Wang Zhi Jian
  • Victims: Zhang Meng, Feng Jian Yu, Yang Jie
  • Survivor: Li Meilin


Show Notes: