EP 10 + 11: Leslie Khoo - Gardens by the Bay Murder



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Leslie Khoo was married and had a son. He also had girlfriends. Plural.

He pretended to be a rich business owner who drove a BMW. He was really bankrupt. And the car - it wasn't even his, it was his wife's. 

He pretended to have 'investment opportunities' that never saw any profit. He embezzled money from the companies that he worked at.

Cui Ya Jie, one of Leslie's 'girlfriends' began to see past his lies. She wanted her 'investment' money back. She was going to confront his employers at the dry cleaning shop he worked as a manager at. 

Ya Jie believed Leslie was divorced. She even texted Leslie's wife - outing him to his family. 

"You hv been already divorced, so please leave Leslie far ......
away!!! Don't cheat everybody & show off as a family any

Leslie was afraid of being caught, he was afraid of being exposed. He was so scared that he strangled her in the black BMW at a quiet road near the Gardens by the Bay. 

Then he burned her body at Lim Chu Kang lane 8 until nothing was left but some hair, fabric and a bra hook...


The Case Details:

  • Date: 12th July 2016.
  • Location:  A quiet road near Gardens by the Bay
  • Killer: Leslie Khoo Kwee Hock
  • Victims:  Cui Ya Jie 

Show Notes: