EP 12: The McDonald's Boys



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It was 14th May 1986, the middle of an average Wednesday afternoon.

Hong Huat had asked to walk to school alone, an unusual request for the typically timid boy who preferred his mother's company. Keh Chin Ann had been seen in school at around 1230, but had left his bags with a friend, after leaving to visit the shops.  

The two twelve-year-old boys were close friends and it was thought that they had left to meet up. They were discovered missing after they failed to attend their 12:55 PM class in Owens Primary School.

Both parents offered cash rewards for any information leading to the boys. Thousands of missing person posters were distributed island-wide. The fast-food chain McDonalds even offered a hundred thousand dollar reward for information leading to the boys.

34 years later, neither boy was ever seen again...


  • Hong Huat’s parents were divorced and it was suspected that his estranged father kidnapped the boys to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 
  • The boys were kidnapped and trafficked by a crime gang and forced into begging. 
  • The boys had run away. 


The Case Details:

  • Date: 14 May 1986
  • Last Seen: Owens Primary School, Farrer Park Area, Singapore
  • Missing : Toh Hong Huat, Keh Chin Ann

Show Notes: