EP 13: The Filipina Maid Murder



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On 9th September 2005, Jane Paragan La Puebla's dismembered head, arms, and legs were found next to the mural wall at Orchard MRT. The rest of her body was found in a luggage case along Lornie Road near Macritchie Reservoir.  

The killer? None other than her best friend and fellow domestic worker, Guen Garlejo Aguilar. 

The two had gotten in a violent fight at Guen's employer's home at SunGlade Condominium. Guen had smothered Jane to death with a pillow before dismembering it, storing the body, and disposing of it only two days later

The cause of the fight? Definitely not a man, but money. Two thousand dollars, half of it from Guen's own savings and the other half, from a loanshark...



The Case Details:

  • Date: 7th September 2005
  • Location: SunGlade Condominium, Serangoon, Singapore
  • Killer: Guen Garlejo Aguilar
  • Victims: Jane Paragan La Puebla 

Show Notes: