EP 16: The Orchard Towers Double Murder (2002)



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Michael McCrea was once known as 'Nottingham's Million Pound man' - he was an Englishman that made his money in Financial Services. 

In Singapore, he met Kho Nai Guan - a failed businessman turned cabbie turn personal driver for Michael.

The two were truly peas in a pod - Nai Guan, or 'Ah Guan' as Michael called him, would attend business dinners and parties with him. They even lived in the same apartment. 

Both of them also had a penchant of cheating on their wives with much, much younger women...

The dynamic duo lived an idyllic life until 2nd February 2002, the day after New Year's - an event that would lead to Nai Guan stuffed into a wicker basket in the backseat of the very car that he used to drive. 

A car abandoned on the 7th floor car park of Orchard Towers...


The Case Details:

  • Date: 2nd February 2002
  • Location: Pinewood Gardens Condo
  • Bodies Found: 7th Floor Carpark, Orchard Towers
  • Killer: Michael McCrea 
  • Victims : Kho Nai Guan, Lan Ya Ming 

Show Notes: