EP 17: Dismembered Legs in the Aljunied Toilet



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Imagine - you have the worst case of the shits. Doing it in a public bathroom is so gross, but you gotta do what you gotta do. You run into the toilet, it's grimy and it's dark.

You're about to yank your pants down, you REALLY, REALLY have to go. But then you see – a bloody pair of dismembered legs. Do you still do it?  

11th May 1974, the police find the dismembered legs of 53-year-old Quek Lee Eng in a toilet near the Mosque at Aljunied Road. Her head and arms - in a parcel at Kallang River. And the rest of her body? 

Wrapped in Yaohan department store plastic bags, stored in large jars, in the home of none other than...

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