EP 18: Were They Cooked Into Char Siew Bao (Macau)



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Tell me, what's your favorite bao?

Mine is the big chicken bao from Nam Kee Pau. 

But you know what's pretty good as well?

Char Siew Baos are sexy warm buns - steaming, filled with succulent barbeque flavored pork. Chefs will slow-roast the meat until it's tender, falling off the bone.

Did I say pork? Close enough. 

On 4th August 1985, a family of ten are slaughtered in the Eight Immortals Restaurant in the Portuguese colony of Macau. Some body parts were washed ashore on the beach, others found in garbage dumps.

The rest? Still missing. And the killer? Running the very restaurant the family was butchered in...


The Case Details:

  • Date: 4th August 1985
  • Location: Portugese Macau 
  • Killer: Huang Zhiheng 
  • Victims : 10 Members of the Zheng Family 

Show Notes: