EP 20: Taiwan’s Chiayi Demon



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He killed his first wife, second wife, adoptive son, biological son, step-son, and girlfriend. 

The last one, he tossed her body off a cliff after strangling, sexually assaulting, then murdering her by smashing her head in with a rock.

Chen Ruiqin killed to fund his gambling addiction - these were just his confirmed victims...

Personal Notes:

Is this episode about... INSURANCE FRAUD???

Doesn't it feel like insurance companies manage to recruit the very very best investigators? 

Anyway, Taiwanese media is incredibly thorough and there were lots of news articles on this one that I couldn't understand so THANK YOU REGULAR GUEST MICHELLE with her glorious 10/10 TRADITIONAL CHINESE TRANSLATIONS!!

Also I loved recording this episode. Special guest Reuben is a very real and very busy lawyer who took time out of his day to recommend that you hire a lawyer when accused of murder. 

Show Notes: