EP 21: He Kept a Vagina in Tupperware



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What's the safest way to get home in dark and stormy weather?

Lam Kor Wan would pick up young women going home on rainy nights, then kill them. He would take photos and videos of their bodies - intact and dismembered.

He wasn't just a taxi driver, voyeur, and experimental necrophile. He was also Hong Kong's first and most twisted serial killer...

Personal Notes:

Featuring the lovely, lovely Michelle! 

We had some real feelings about this episode - we've definitely dropped friends off in a taxi/grab/uber, nodding at the uncle to make sure that he got the address. We've also definitely been dumped in a taxi/grab/uber at 3am for pounding back one too many graveyards at the old zouk (whoops! wasted youth! ).

And the scary thing is that you always think it's safe but turns out it's not - not even in Singapore...  


Show Notes: