EP 24: She Was Killed After Primary School


On 29th June 1950, she had left CHIJ Katong Convent Primary (previously known as the 'Little Convent by the Sea' in the 1930s) with a mysterious, dark man. One day later, her body was found at a beach in Labrador Park.

Winnie Annie Spencer was 10 years old. 

This was a case that would shake the nation.

There were two different accounts of events and a signed confession. The accused, Joseph Michael Nonis, represented by founding father David Marshall. And the Chief Inspector of police, Rayney, accused of threats, violence, coercion...

Personal notes:

This was such an interesting case to research. I think what really intrigued me was how it painted a realistic and cohesive picture of what it really was like pre-independence, which was dangerous. 

Also, the police seemed pretty scary back then which is a crazy contrast from right now. Would love to hear from any of our older listeners - what was it like for you then?


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Show Notes: