EP 27: Thailand’s Cannibal Child Killer


Si Ouey was Thailand's Boogeyman - he would abduct children, stab them in the throat then eat their hearts and livers. 

They say he got his taste for human flesh-eating the livers of enemy soldiers in World War Two.

We don't know how many children he actually killed, only that he was caught burning the body of an eight-year-old boy, by none other than the boy's father...

Personal notes:

I finally got my podcast setup settled! So pleased to have my first real guest on that isn't an extremely close friend/sibling/partner that I can shove my mic into. Thanks, Lisa! 

Also, the first case from Thailand that we've covered here at ABC podcast - there's a couple I've been looking into, but the sources are usually written in Thai for some of the older ones. :(  

Show Notes: