EP 29: Singapore’s Failed Prison Island Experiment


Rumors were that Pulau Senang was cursed by an old man - all who tried to live there would find illness and death. 

In the 1960s, it was set up as an experimental offshore penal colony to ease overcrowding in Changi Prison. It was run by Superintendent Daniel Sutton who believed in hard work and rehabilitation. For the first couple of years, this settlement was considered a success...

But on 12th July 1963, among the whispers of discontent over living conditions, unhappiness with rival gangs, and alleged unfair punishments- the prisoners rioted. They burned down the buildings and headed to the prison-authorities quarters, where they murdered then mutilated the Superintendent, and killed 3 other prison officers...

Personal Notes:

Many thanks to the listeners who recommended this one - before covering this case, I genuinely never heard about Pulau Senang before, neither did Nick! 

Show Notes: