EP 40 & 41: Adrian Lim - Singapore's Monster & His Ritual Murders


Adrian Lim cemented his position in Singapore's dark history with his horrific crimes. On 24th January 1981, with the assistance of his two "Holy Wives", he raped and murdered nine-year-old Agnes Ng.  Not satisfied, he also brutally killed ten-year-old Ghazali bin Marzuki almost two weeks later.

Why did he do this?

It was all part of a murderous ritual. You see, Adrian was also a spiritual medium - a bomoh of sorts that worshipped many different deities. He was also a scam artist and con man who exploited women to do his bidding.

Adrian manipulated women with his reputation as a holy man and a spiritual guru. He would scam them for sex and money. He would marry them as his "Holy Wives" in a caricature of a wedding ceremony.  

After he was accused of rape by one of his victims, Adrian was angry. He would have his revenge...

But who was Adrian Lim before this?

In this episode, we look into the man and his past and how he slowly turned into a monster. He was a family man who married his childhood sweetheart and converted to Catholicism. He had two children and worked for Rediffusion Singapore. Until he started turning to the dark arts...

Show Notes: