EP 47: Deaths and Disappearances in Asia‘s Devil Triangle


The Lop Nur region in China has a fascinating history, having undergone multiple transformations over the years. Initially, it was a moving lake, which astonished scientists and explorers alike.

However, with the passage of time, it became a nuclear test site, where several atomic bombs were detonated by the Chinese government. Later on, the area was converted into a camel reserve, where camels roam freely in their natural habitat.

In addition, it is also an archeological research site, with numerous ancient relics and artifacts being discovered here. Despite its various transformations, the Lop Nur remains shrouded in mystery, with countless tales of unexplained disappearances and strange occurrences.

But more than anything, the Lop Nur is an area in China known for it's mysterious disappearances. It's sometimes called 'Asia's Devil Triangle' or 'The Sea of Death'.

On 17th June 1980, experienced Chinese scientist and explorer, Peng Jia Mu went on an expedition into the Lop Nur. He was never seen again...

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