EP 7: Professor Khaw - The Yoga Ball Murders (Hong Kong)

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What's the most dangerous weapon - a gun? A knife? Poison?

How about a Yoga Ball? 

On 22nd May 2015, Malaysian Professor Khaw Kim Sun murdered his wife and 15-year-old daughter with none other than a deadly yoga ball. They were found unresponsive in a yellow cooper at Sai O Village bus stop near the family home in Ma On Shan. 

Professor Khaw was known to be a brilliant avant-garde anesthesiologist, but the façade of a successful professional and a happy family bellied a ugly but not uncommon truth. Their marriage had broken down and he was having an extramarital affair.


This was the backdrop to a tragedy that shook Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.


The Case Details:

  • Date: 22nd May 2015
  • Location: Yellow Mini Cooper parked at a bus stop at Sai Sha Road 
  • Killer: Khaw Kim Sun 
  • Victims: Wong Siew Fing, Lily Khaw

Show Notes: