EP 8: Mona Fandey - Popstar, Bomoh, Killer (Malaysia)

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When her singing career didn't pan out (in case you're interested to hear what she sounds like), what's a girl to do but become - A BOMOH!

Mona was a hustler. She built a reputation as a powerful shaman, specializing in rituals, spells, charms and talismans for the elite of Malaysia. Her clients were upper-class rumored to include many politicians from the ruling party at the time. 

In July 1993, under the pretext of helping Malaysian Assemblyman Mazlan Idris achieve his political ambitions through darker means - she didn't just separate the man and his money (2.5 million ringgit!). Beginning the ritual with what seemed like an innocent cleansing flower bath,  Mona separated the gentleman and his head, and legs, and arms.

You get the idea...

The Case Details:

  • Date: July 1993 (exact date unknown)
  • Location: Pahang, Malaysia 
  • Killer: Mona Fandey, assisted by Mohamad Nor Affandi Abdul Rahman (husband) and Juraimi Hussin (assistant)
  • Victims: Mazlan Idris 

Show Notes: